The Classic Texas Metal Cistern

What makes our cistern the “Classic?”  


Texas Metal Tanks manufactures a great looking tank that meets your rainwater or well water storage needs. Made nearly the same way for over 80 years, our tanks have the look and feel of a real Texas cistern.  By the side of your house or elevated on a platform your tank will look awesome.  Our tanks stand up to the heat and hot Texas sun too.  Choose a Texas Metal Tank to store water for both drinking and irrigation purposes.


Texas Metal Tanks started in the 1930’s in Yoakum, TX.  These classic Texas cisterns most recently found a new home in Dripping Springs, TX.  Using some of the original machinery, these tanks are hand crafted one at a time.  We value creating sustainable products and while time will eventually catch up to each tank, the metal is 100% recyclable.


For your garden or your water supply, for your home or your ranch, choose the tank that has been the choice for generations of Texans – Texas Metal Tanks. (The Classic Texas Metal Cistern).